Cruise North Expeditions
  • Cruises focus on Arctic wildlife
  • Provides unique exposure to Inuit culture
  • Offers itineraries to remote destinations avoided other expedition lines
  • Modestly priced for an expedition company, with discounts for kids

Founded in 2005, Cruise North provides a refreshingly unique alternative within the expedition cruise industry. Inuit owned and funded, the company combines no-frills expeditions to some rarely visited Canadian Arctic regions with a strong emphasis on Inuit culture and wildlife. There is no formality onboard -- the friendly, often folksy, atmosphere trickles down from the top; with only a handful of full-time employees, the company is as small and noncorporate as you can find in today's cruise industry. The chartered Lyubov Orlova is decidedly basic, but that helps to ensure that passengers are self-selecting and don't need luxuries to appreciate the experience. 

A large part of Cruise North's mission is to take conservation to heart, whether that be in promoting Inuit culture or looking after the environment. The company employs members of the Inuit community to make presentations about their culture and arrange visits to local communities; at the same time, the Inuit employees learn about the tourism industry.

Cruise North sailings are very much focused on destination and wildlife, and life onboard is casual and relaxed. You won't find anything fancy or formal -- and forget anything like production shows. Instead, the emphasis is on learning, with lectures on topics that range from the ecology of the poles to the life cycle of thick-billed murres. Expect one or two stops each day, sometimes with shore trips before breakfast, and accept that itineraries will be altered, based on the changing weather and ice conditions.

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